• Ducati GT1000 CR by Houston Superbikes

    by  • September 22, 2014 • 1 Comment

    Ducati GT1000 - HSBK

    This beautiful custom 2008 Ducati GT1000 café racer is yet another special project build by Houston Superbikes, the Ducati power house out of Houston, Texas. This was their winter 2013 project with over 60 man hours and excess of $20,000 in performance parts and accessories, not including the bike. You should be familiar with Houston Superbikes by now as their previous build also a Ducati GT1000 was very well received by the Ducati community.… Read the rest

    Ducati Monster S4Rs by KBike

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    Monster S4RS

    Since we’re on a roll with a bunch of Ducati submissions, here is a beautiful beast; a 2006 Ducati Monster S4Rs. Her name is “Bonnie Elisabeth Parker” and Gianni Antenna is the proud owner. Gianni wanted to modify his Ducati Monster S4Rs; he knew that all the modifications he was going to do to his beloved “Bonnie Elisabeth Parker” had to be more than just visually appealing; they had to be functional.… Read the rest

    Ducati Hypermotard by C2 Design

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    Ducati Hypermotard

    I know it’s been quite a while since I brought some cool builds to grace the pages of this blog. In my defense we’ve been having some good weather in Romania so I did around 7000km in the past 3 months, had a stupid lowside and some laughs, met some cool people and let go of some important people in my life. Enough on me, as you are here to read about and oogle at this fabulous Ducati Hypermotard.… Read the rest

    Ducati 999S by Venier Customs

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    Ducati 999s - Venier Customs 03

    This Custom Ducati 999S aka 999VX was built by Venier Customs from Brooklyn, New York via Treviso. Venier Customs is the shop of Stefano Venier and he is the owner and head designer of the company. Stefano started to modify and drive motorcycles from an early age, always customizing whatever motorcycle or moped he was riding or getting his hands on. After a master’s degree in product design and years of experience in the field, his old passion became his main business.… Read the rest

    Ducati Monster 900 – Hazan Motorworks

    by  • December 31, 2013 • 3 Comments

    Ducati Monster Hazan 01

    This custom Ducati Monster 900 comes from the shop of Maxwell Hazan, Hazan Motorworks from Brooklyn, NY. Max builds bikes with the intent to keep them, yet somehow his works of art find their home across the world. To Max, motorcycles are an artistic medium. He approaches the process of building a bike as if it were a painting or a sculpture, each part is the same as a brush stroke.… Read the rest

    Ducati GT1000 – Houston Superbikes

    by  • December 26, 2013 • 1 Comment


    This custom Ducati GT1000 comes to us via Houston Superbikes, from Texas, the home of BBQ, guns and some of the hottest girls US has to offer (I can vouch for that). Houston SBK has been around since 2005 and they are known for providing enthusiasts with a diverse line of high performance bikes, parts and apparel as they are the region’s premier all Italian motorcycle dealership. They also boast a state of the art showroom complete with an in-house Moto Café to get your motorcycle and caffeine fix before you hit the twisties.… Read the rest