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    This is a cool build by Bad Boys Motorcycles for Alain Wicki, the swiss luge champion and initiator of the 1996 Lamborghini Raptor project. Bad Boys Motorcycles is a custom bike shop in Chamoson, Switzerland where Chris and Steph create amazing works of art such as this. Thanks to Gilberto, from Narrow Lanes for taking the pictures and letting me use them exclusively on here. Gilberto took the pictures last weekend – 25th-27th of May –  during the 2012 Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este in Lago di Como, Italy. Alain Wicki is a three-time luge medalist and aficionado of things that go fast – I mean this guy goes head first down an icy half-pipe at speeds of around 140km per hour. In the mid 90’s he commissioned Andrea Zagato to design the Lamborghini Raptor. The Raptor was greatly received by the public in 1996 – it was supposed to be released in a limited series of 50 and it was based on the Diablo VT platform, minus the traction control and ABS (insanity at its best). Lamborghini never put the Raptor into production, and Alain tried to develop it on his own with Zagato’s help, but nothing became of his efforts. He owned the only prototype until 2000, when it was auctioned at the Geneva Auto Show and bought by a private car collector from the U.S.

    Alain entered the Ducati Hillclimber Study in the class of “Design Studies” alongside a MV Augusta F3, Ducati Panigale, BMW Concept 6, Husqvarna MOAB and a Nembo Super 32. The Hillclimber was built on the Ducati Sport 1000 platform, which remains almost unchanged from a mechanical point of view. Right away you get attracted to one of the focal points of the build which is the CR styled carbon fiber gas tank painted in Blu Cepheus (Sky Blue), a rather rare custom order color by Lamborghini. The custom gas tank and the rear seat assembly look at home on the Sport 1000 trellis frame, as they were made for each other. The frame, rear sets, swing arm, forks, yoke and rims received a black powder coat treatment, to resist the elements of nature. The Brembo rotors and calipers have been painted black, as well, to match the overall theme of the Hillclimber Study.

    In term of the engine modifications, the Sport 1000 engine was not modified internally. Most of the modification come in the form of aftermarket parts which add style and some function. There are some Rizoma accessories present such as the aluminum timing see-thru covers, the open clutch cover and pressure plate. For the exhaust, this is another example of the beautifully designed Quat-d Ex-box exhaust – as seen in the previous build by Paolo Tesio – MS4R – which fits perfectly on this build. The Quat-d Ex-box has been ceramically coated in black to resist the elements and give it that stealth look. A secondary focus point is the one-off carbon fiber belly pan, although not functional in any way, it does complete the fabulous look of the Hillclimber.

    Up front the controls were reduced to a light switch, engine on/off switches, as the rest were deemed not necessary for off-road use. Bad Boys Motorcycles decided to retain the original Sport 1000 classic instruments and to rid of the mirrors. Once again we see the high quality Rizoma accessories in the form of billet aluminum grips and brake/clutch fluid reservoirs. The ignition has been incorporated in the fiberglass gas tank. This would be the perfect lane-splitter bike even for the most trafficked roads and highways. I find it a bit of intriguing that a guy that loves to fly downhill uncontrollably at speeds of over 140km per hour – dressed in nothing more than a spandex suit and a helmet – would build a machine that goes uphill at a lot more than 140km per hour. All I can say is adrenaline junkie. Make sure to check out the gallery for the rest of the great pictures taken by Gilberto.

    List of Modifications:

    • Bad Boys Motorcycles gas tank
    • Bad Boys Motorcycles rear seat assembly
    • LED tail lamp
    • Pirelli MT 60 RS Corsa
    • Rizoma clutch cover
    • Rizoma pressure plate
    • Rizoma timing belt cover
    • Rizoma grips
    • Rizoma clutch reservoir
    • Rizoma brake reservoir
    • Bad Boys Motorcycles belly pan
    • Blu Cepheus paint

    Photos: Gilberto Cedolia
    Via: Bad Boys Motorcycles



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    1. May 29, 2012 at 10:32 pm

      Great write up Adrian! Excellent research as always.

      It’s guys like Alain Wicki that make this world go round.

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      Reblogged this on NARROW LANES and commented:
      Some pictures I took of the sublime Ducati Hillclimber, displayed at this year’s motorcycle concours at Villa d’Este, that I lent to Adrian Mangu of Il Ducatista. Adrian did a wonderful background check and write-up on both the bike and the man behind it.

    3. January 3, 2013 at 8:17 pm

      Very very beautiful! Almost a masterpiece based on Ducati! Great!