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    Ducati Monster 900 Hazan 01
    This custom Ducati Monster 900 comes from the shop of Maxwell Hazan, Hazan Motorworks from Brooklyn, NY. Max builds bikes with the intent to keep them, yet somehow his works of art find their home across the world. To Max, motorcycles are an artistic medium. He approaches the process of building a bike as if it were a painting or a sculpture, each part is the same as a brush stroke. He starts with the motor, or with an idea and he lets the lines dictate what to build around it. He believes that the end product should reflect your willingness to build whatever you can imagine.
    Ducati Monster 900 Hazan 03

    Max initially bought this bike as somewhat of a sunday eBay impulse buy. He had been looking for a cheap carburetted Ducati Monster 900 for a while and when he saw the image of this bike with Central Park in the background, he hopped on the subway and grabbed it. Max admitted he never had an ergonomic, sensible city bike and he absolutely loved this bike. It wasn’t until he found his Ducati Monster 900 laying in the street outside the supermarket (run over in a puddle of gasoline) that he decided to cut it up.
    Ducati Monster 900 Hazan 02Max doesn’t like working with fuel injected bikes, not so much because of the technology, it is more the issue of hiding all of the hardware that comes with it. He likes simple and clean. Once he cut off the Ducati Monster 900 frame, he welded on an additional section following the lines of what was there. He then mounted a block of foam to it and shaped the tank and tail similarly following the shapes that the bike dictated. After he made the pieces in sheet-metal, the exhaust and fender, the rest was pretty straight forward…make it simple, functional and elegant.
    Ducati Monster 900 Hazan 05Max built the stainless TIG welded exhaust with equal length headers and carbon fiber silencers. The fuel tank and tail were hand-formed from .18 gauge steel, sheet-metal. The lithium battery and all the electronics have been relocated inside the fuel tank. In terms of performance for this Ducati Monster 900, besides the customized exhaust, Max rejetted the stock carburetors and is running an open intake. He also added a steering damper inside the frame. He went on to add a Harley headlight, aluminum oil lines and a pair of clip ons with roll-a-click levers. Max believes that his Ducati Monster 900 now has maybe a few more horsepower, is much lighter and way less comfortable. Check out the gallery for some more pics of this elusive Ducati Monster 900 and also check out Hazan Motorworks.

    Ducati Monster 900 parts list:

    • Stainless TIG welded exhaust, carbon silencers
    • Hand formed .18 ga steel tank and tail
    • Clip ons w/roll-a-click levers
    • Custom subframe
    • Stock carbs, rejetted, open intake
    • Harley headlight
    • Steering damper inside frame
    • Aluminum oil lines
    • Lithium battery & electronics all located inside fuel tank

    Via: Hazan Motorworks 


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    1. January 1, 2014 at 11:37 am

      Beautiful like the rest of Max’s builds.
      My best wishes for a prosperous and creative New Year!
      Adrian keep up the pace 😉

      • January 1, 2014 at 5:44 pm

        Thank you Geokan, wish you all the best in the New Year!!

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