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    walzwerk louis 75 side rightWhen Louis, Europe’s no.1 retailer for motorcycle clothing, helmets and accessories decided to build the perfect bike for their upcoming 75th anniversary they contacted Marcus Walz of Walzwerk Racing. The concept behind the build was that Marcus should take a bone stock Ducati Sport 1000 and converted in five steps from a series bike into a modern cafe racer. To make things more interesting the five steps gave Louis friends, website visitors and Facebook friends the opportunity to vote on the basic concept for wheels, handlebars, instruments and last but not least the paint scheme of the Ducati. The build took roughly about 3 months.
    walzwerk louis 75 engineWith help from the public, Marcus created ​​the first parts for the Ducati. The gas tank was hand formed out of aluminum sheet. The tail-piece with integrated LED tail light and space for the battery was also hand formed out of aluminum sheet. The rear sub-frame had to be completely redesigned. The fuel pump placement was also a special creation of milled aluminum and invisibly integrated into the tank. When choosing the suspension components Walzwerk chose the best for this build. For this reason, a Öhlins front fork was used, which was intended for a Ducati 999R and also a rear Ohlins custom-made ​​height adjustable shock absorber. The braking system is also state of the art, using Brembo monoblock calipers in conjunction with Lucas wave brake disks.
    walzwerk louis 75 rear wheelOnce the Facebook community voted on the wheels, the choice fell on classic spoked wheels with Akront flat rims, for that classic 50’s and 60’s look and toughness. The internals were left untouched, with the exception of an ergal clutch basket, SBK clutch and CNC pressure plate. The L-twin now produces around eight more horsepower, mainly due to the exhaust system. Walzwerk partnered with Akrapovic to develop and design the exhaust system which was custom-made out of titanium especially for the anniversary bike.
    walzwerk louis 75 handleClip-ons, grips, clutch and brake levers, brake fluid and clutch fluid reservoirs are by LSL, as they were found to have the greatest appeal by the voters. Moreover, a motogadget motoscope instrument was slapped on the triple. The red paint is a special Ducati factory paint called “Rosso Anniversario”, which is exclusive to anniversary and presentation models. The white stripes were applied by Marcus himself. Maze Grafx was responsible for all the logos on the paintwork. The matte clear coat is a Walzwerk secret blend: very smooth, like a gloss but still with the perfect matting. Check out the gallery for the rest of the pictures and the list of parts.

    List of parts:

    • Ducati Sport 1000
    • Walzwerk aluminum gas tank
    • Walzwerk aluminum seat pan
    • Ducati 999R Ohlins forks
    • Ohlins custom rear shock
    • Brembo monoblock calipers
    • Lucas wave brake disks
    • Akront rims
    • Metzeler tires
    • Akrapovic titanium full exhaust system
    • LSL clip-ons
    • LSL levers
    • LSL grips
    • LSL fluid reservoirs
    • Motogadged instrument
    • Ducati “Rosso Anniversario” paint

    Via: Walzwerk Racing
    Photos: Walzwerk Racing




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    1. November 23, 2013 at 8:57 am

      The curvy ending of the subframe with the matching tail is fabulous! So many nice components and details like this superb tank, the bar-end signals and THE clutch!
      This exhaust system with the Zard are the two top choices for me. I would like to see it on the Akrapovic product list in the future.