• Ducati Sport Classic 1000 Biposto by Kerozin

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    kerozin-sc1k-01This Ducati Sport Classic 1000 was built by Kerozin, a shop out of Toulouse, France. Kerozin specializes in cafe racers, bratstyle, bobbers, scramblers and bicycles. The company was founded in 2009 and they have a beautiful eclectic mix of builds under their belt. The project was started in June of 2011 and after months of labour this beautiful machine was unveiled. Now don’t get me wrong I absolutely love the Ducati Sport Classic in its natural form, however when I see one that’s been tricked out a bit, it makes me want one even more.

    kerozin-sc1k-07In its natural state the Ducati Sport Classic 1000 is pretty potent so it makes perfect sense as to why the internals were left untouched and most of the performance upgrades are bolt ons. The bike exhales through a set of Termignoni, Ducati Performance pipes, breathes in though K&N filters and eats through an upgraded Ducati Performance injection kit. One aspect of the build which I don’t agree with but it does make sense for longevity of the parts is the closed clutch. I personally want to see that meat grinder spin and hear it chew up those washers. In my opinion going with clear belt covers and a keeping the clutch covered is like turning your woman on and walking away; but that’s my opinion.

    kerozin-sc1k-16In terms of suspension they chose to go with the best, dual Ohlins rear-shocks and Ducati S4R Ohlins front forks. To make this beautiful creature lighter, faster and more responsive besides the Ohlins, a set of incredible Alpina tubeless carbon fiber wheels was the only choice and my oh my those golden hubs are to die for. Since the bike has a lot of go now, it was only logical for the brakes to be upgraded; with Ducati 999 front and rear. This is a pretty good recipe for a Ducati Sport Classic diet, which also included the removal of the rear fender and shorty carbon fiber front fender.

    In terms of esthetics, the indicators and stop signals were converted to LED units and integrated into the bikes tail. Customized, smaller clip-on bars help narrow the bikes profile and keep in theme with the cafe racer look. A half turn gas filler cap was implanted on the fuel tank. The pain scheme is a naval blue/grey which gives off that vintage somewhat stealth sheen. The seat was re-covered in lamb skin and a matching tank strap laid across the tank. Overall this is a very quality build with high quality parts and many hours of labour. Check out the gallery for the rest of the pics and the list of parts below.

    List of parts:

    • Alpina tubeless carbon fiber rims
    • Ducati 999 front and rear brakes
    • Ducati 999 radial master cylinders
    • Ohlins shock absorbers
    • Ducati S4R Ohlins Fork
    • CNC 30mm clutch receptor
    • Custom aircraft grade black hoses
    • Termignoni full exhaust
    • Ducati Performance injection kit
    • KN filter and open air box
    • Modified clip-on bars
    • 1/4 turn fuel tank cap
    • Lamb skin tank strap
    • LED signals and brake light integrated into the seat cover
    • Powder coated head light
    • Naval blue/gray paint
    • Lamb skin re-covered seat

    Via: Kerozin and Un Pneu dans la Tombe
    Photos: Clement Lazzaro


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    3 Responses to Ducati Sport Classic 1000 Biposto by Kerozin

    1. November 21, 2013 at 11:18 am

      I totally agree about the clutch cover. It’s a shame to miss this beautiful soundtrack!
      One like your icon would match perfectly with the gold hubs 😉

    2. Petter
      November 21, 2013 at 12:23 pm

      Well it has a wet cluch so open cluch cover is a bit difficult

      • November 21, 2013 at 3:55 pm

        Petter you are correct, after looking more closely, at the Ducati logo on the clutch cover it appears to be a 2007-2010 Ducati Sport1000 with a wet-clutch. I believe only the 2006 Sport1000 had a dry clutch. Shame…