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    This is the Magical Racing – Ducati Diavel Carbon. Magical Racing was born as a race and street parts manufacturer with knowledge derived from almost two decades of motorcycle parts development. They began in the early 1980’s by completely redesigning front fender applications to lower weight and bring function and form. In the mid 80’s they began developing racing parts for the highly popular TT(Tourist Trophy) races. Throughout the manufacturing process, all the carbon fiber parts are hand checked for flaws and adjusted for perfect fit.


    Now you might say, what is so different on this Diavel than the stock Ducati Diavel Carbon Edition. Well for once it has been fitted with a plethora of Magical Racing carbon fiber parts. Starting upfront the, one of the most noticeable parts is carbon fiber  headlight fairing with iridium wind screen. The T-4 carbon fiber mirrors add functionality and vibration free rear view vision. The tank cover, side cover, and air duct cover is unified with the – oh so beautiful – weave of carbon fiber.


    The seat cowl and the exhaust shields are just another subtle yet at home upgrade on this Diavel. The swing arm cover and rear mud guard are also Magical Racing carbon fiber upgrades. And nothing stands out as the BST carbon fiber wheels that brought a weight reduction of over 5kg when replace for the stock aluminum wheels which combine to a weight of about 12.5kg. Not many upgrades on the Diavel but they are subtle and really bring out the curves of the bike. Check out the gallery for more close up shots.

    Parts list:

    Magical Racing – carbon fiber front mud guard
    Magical Racing – carbon fiber front fairing
    Magical Racing – T-4 type carbon fiber mirrors
    Magical Racing – carbon fiber gas tank cover
    Magical Racing – carbon fiber side cover
    Magical Racing – carbon fiber air ducts
    Magical Racing – carbon fiber seat cowl
    Magical Racing – carbon fiber exhaust heat guards
    Magical Racing – carbon fiber swing arm cover
    Magical Racing – carbon fiber license plate holder
    BST – carbon fiber front and rear wheels

    Via: Magical Racing


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      Glad to see a new post- I’d almost given up hope! I’ve logged on but only been faced with Andy Gerooms bloody Sportclassic for months- phew!

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        June 30, 2013 at 8:32 am

        :))) I know, I got several messages from readers as yourself. Unfortunately, this is a hobby for me and I can only afford to do it when I find a couple of spare hours. I am trying to keep it going. Thanks for reading my blog.

    2. moto4moi
      July 30, 2013 at 7:37 pm

      This looks like more of an AD or a parts bin special than a build.