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    This older build comes from Moto Motivo, the shop of Johann Keyser. Johann is a native of South Africa and is now residing in Raleigh, North Carolina where he creates beautiful machines. He is mainly known for building replicas of the iconic Ford GT40 – through his CAV America company – offering the only replicas licensed to officially carry the full Gulf Oil livery. It takes CAV America time and dedication to build a CAV GT and approximately six hundred man-hours are devoted to the development of each vehicle from the construction of the chassis to the time it leaves their factory. They offer two rolling models, the CAV-GTR Racing Edition and the CAV-GT Gulf Oil Edition. For the DIY brave builder a component kit is also available. Johann’s been riding Ducati motorcycles for about 25 years and has always had an affinity for Monsters. His Moto Motivo company is also known for building one off’s like the Monster 900ie.

    This build started with a trunk full of various parts. Johann knew that this was a bike that he had to build: “… It had to be very mechanical looking, naked and lightweight.” The motor was sourced from a 2001 Ducati Monster 900ie with very low mileage, about 3400 miles. The frame was from a 2004 Ducati 749S donor bike and it was modified to accept the 2 valve air-cooled motor and S4R swing arm. After the modifications the frame and the S4R swing arm were powder coated in aluminum silver to ensure a long-lasting easy to clean coating. The motor received a pair of K&N air filters and a custom black ceramic coated two-into-one exhaust system with very lightweight stainless steel muffler to help it breathe better. He also added a slew of billet aluminum parts to lower the overall weight of the motor: billet sprocket cover, billet Clutch cover, billet clutch pressure plate, billet one piece clutch spring retainer and a set of billet Speedymoto open belt covers. The motor also received new chain and sprockets, new timing belts and custom stainless steel oil lines and billet Russel oil line fittings.

    At the front the build received a Ducati 916 SPS forks that were upgraded with new springs and valves, a set of billet pre-load fork adjusters and a billet triple top clamp. The Brembo brake system was upgraded with a set of steel braided lines, titanium front caliper bolts, titanium pins, titanium banjo bolts, titanium bleeding nipples and titanium fork pinch bolts. For rotors Johann chose a set of wave pattern brake rotors. The new brake and clutch fluid containers were upgraded with billet caps. Billet adjustable and folding brake and clutch levers were opted for the billet clip on handle bars. Minimalistic billet bar end mirrors and billet LED bar end turn signals de-clutter this builds front end. Johann opted for digital instruments in favor of the Ducati Super Sport instruments that graced this build for a short period – behind a modified Ducati SS fairing and wind screen.

     The seat and rear aluminum subframe were sourced from RADical Ducati. The tank is a modified 999 unit with a black billet gas cap. The wheels were sourced from a 916, which were chemically stripped, cleaned and painted with the well know orange of the Gulf Oil Livery. A wave pattern rotor was also installed for the rear brake. Johann opted for a set of fully adjustable rear-sets. A small new gel-type battery was the optimal choice for this build. The rear brake is a LED unit that fits pretty well on the RADical Ducati seat. The bike was finished with the famous light blue and orange colors with all the decals clear coated. Check out the gallery for more detailed pictures of this build.

    List of Modifications:

    • 2004 Ducati 749S frame.
    • 2001 Ducati Monster 900ie low mileage motor (3400 miles).
    • S4R swing arm. Powder coated in aluminum silver.
    • 916 Wheels chemically stripped, cleaned and painted.
    • Ducati 999 gas tank.
    • Black billet gas cap.
    • New fairing and screen.
    • Custom seat and aluminum seat frame imported from Spain. (Radical Ducati)
    • 1999 Ducati 916 SPS forks re-sprung and re-valved.
    • New front and rear “wave pattern” brake rotors.
    • New brake pads front and rear.
    • New billet aluminum adjustable, folding brake and clutch levers.
    • New brake and clutch fluid holders and billet caps.
    • Titanium front caliper bolts, pins, banjo bolts, bleeding nipples and fork pinch bolts.
    • Digital instruments.
    • Complete body repainted in Gulf oil colors.  All decals clear coated.
    • Custom black ceramic coated 2 into 1 headers.
    • New very light stainless steel muffler.
    • Billet LED bar end turn signals.
    • Billet clip on handle bars.
    • Billet bar end mirrors.
    • Billet sprocket cover.
    • Billet Clutch cover.
    • Billet clutch pressure plate.
    • Billet one piece clutch spring retainer.
    • Billet fully adjustable rear sets.
    • Billet Speedymoto open belt covers.
    • Billet triple top clamp.
    • Billet pre-load fork adjusters.
    • K&N air filters
    • Custom stainless steel oil lines and billet Russel oil line fittings.
    • LED rear light.
    • New braided front brake lines.
    • New chain and sprockets.
    • New timing belts.
    • New Gel type battery.

    Via: Moto Motivo
    Photos: Johann Keyser


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      One of the best custom ducs ever !!!
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