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    This Ducati M1100 EVO – Wild Cat – is the latest build coming to us from the masterminds Pepo Rosell and Reyes Ramon of RADical Ducati in Madrid, Spain. Pepo and Reyes are at it again with this RAD02 Wild Cat based around the Ducati Monster 1100 EVO power plant. The RAD02 Wildcat is one of best examples of the quality work that this Spanish shop produces on a regular basis. This build was premiered at the Mulafest 2012 Bike Show, one of Madrid’s coolest expo events. Other amazing builds from the shop of RADical Ducati that you must check out are RAD02 ImolaRAD to HellPursang and Cafe Veloce. The RAD02 Wild Cat was built for track use, however we believe it can be made road legal with a few tweaks and a couple of homologated parts.

    The choice power plant for this build was the Ducati Monster 1100 EVO, which offers more than enough power to propel this ultra light crotch rocket. The engine received a complete clean-up and spruce-up with magnesium engine covers, carbon fiber clutch cover and timing belt covers. RAD02 racing wiring assures the vital connection between the EVR 3 ECU and the power plant. Pepo chose a RAD02, two valves engine carbon fiber airbox, to help the monster engine breathe better and to keep the Wild Cat exhaling throughout the power band, the choice of a Wolfman 2-1 exhaust system that ends with a BMW muffler – YES! a BMW muffler – was optimal for this build. The power plant is attached to RADical Ducati’s own RAD02 chromoly black powder coated frame. Sitting gracefully on top of the chromoly frame is that famous RAD02 polished aluminum gas tank which tends to be one of the focus points of the build.

    At the front we find a BST carbon fiber wheel, wrapped in Michelin Power one which allows use on a dry/humid surface and for a rapid rise in temperature. Discacciati rotors, radial calipers and pump are present and at home on this build. A carbon fiber front mudguard and the world known RAD02 Montjuich carbon fiber front fairing bring us to the secondary focus point of this build. The 749 Showa tin forks were the optimal choice of suspension for this particular build. The choice for instruments were none other than the Aviacompositi dashboard. As we move towards the rear of the bike, the RAD carbon fiber belly pan – advertising the Liqui Moly brand – tends to stand out a bit due to the royal blue choice of color; I personally would’ve left the carbon fiber texture showing to keep in theme with the build.

    At the rear of the bike Pepo chose an S2R swing arm with an Extreme Tech shock. The beautifully crafted carbon fiber BST wheel also wrapped in a Michelin Power One tire fits perfect with the semi-naked aggression of this Wild Cat. Discacciati rotor, radial caliper and radial pump complete the brake system. The RAD02 CORSA EVO carbon fiber seat is supported by the RAD02 Montjuich aluminum powder coated subframe, thus bringing us to our third and final focus point of this build. The carbon fiber seat is perfectly aligned to the Montjuich front fairing bringing a note of balance to this build. Overall this is a beautiful build with great attention to details and great choice of parts. When it comes to RADical Ducati, accept no substitute, as this shop really knows what they’re doing. Check out the gallery for the beautiful pictures of this Wild Cat, taken by Javier Fuentes.

    List of Modifications:

    •  RAD02 Montjuich aluminum subframe
    •  RAD02 Cromoly frame
    •  RAD02 Montjuich aluminum front bracket
    •  RAD carbon fiber front and rear mudguards
    •  RAD carbon fiber race belly pan
    •  S2R swingarm
    •  BST carbon fiber wheels
    •  RAD02 Aluminum fuel tank
    •  RAD02 Montjuich carbon fiber front fairing
    •  RAD02 CORSA EVO carbon fiber seat
    •  RAD02 racing wiring
    •  EVR 3 ECU
    •  Aviacompositi dashboard
    •  LiPo Battery 5 amp
    •  RAD02 two valves engine carbon fiber airbox
    •  Monster 1100 EVO engine
    •  Wolfman 2-1 exhaust system
    •  BMW silencer
    •  Extreme Tech rear shock
    •  749 Showa tin fork
    •  Discacciati rotors
    •  Discacciati radial calipers
    •  Discacciati radial pumps

    Via: RADical Ducati
    Photos: Javier Fuentes


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    1. July 25, 2012 at 12:20 pm

      This is not a cat,…this is a tiger !!!
      I would love to take it for a ride on a mountain-corse…

    2. July 25, 2012 at 1:09 pm

      Yes, most definitely to be used on a mountain road like Transalpina…