• Walt Siegl – Ducati Monster Custom SC

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    This is a 2008 build by master craftsman Walt Siegl. Walt Siegl is regarded as one of the top bike builders in the world today, hailing from Harrisville, New Hampshire. Walt was born and raised in Austria and he was attracted to design and motorcycles from an early age. He worked as a toolmaker and welder throughout Europe and Russia before immigrating to New York City in 1985 where mainly as a hobby, he worked on motorcycles, for many years, before relocating to New Hampshire to focus exclusively on building custom motorcycles. Walt Siegl Motorcycles is located on the ground floor of an 1860’s textile mill. Walt has built other beautiful machines – based on the Ducati platform – such as the Sport Classic and the Riviera 900SS.

    The bike belongs to Fritz Dietl whom already owned another custom that Walt built for him in 2006. This time around Fritz wanted an air-cooled Ducati beast that he could run on the road as well at the race track. The project began with a 1998 Monster engine that receive a big bore kit with lighter connecting rods, bringing the 900cc engine to 944cc. This engine breathes through twin 41mm flat slide racing carbs, with screened velocity stacks, thus eliminating the bulky air-filters. The final gear was also modified and he chose to go with a 14 tooth front sprocket and a 39 tooth rear sprocket. Walt hand-fabricated the chromoly frame around the modified Monster engine. A stock Monster steering neck was used at the front of the frame with geometry measurements from his own 916 Ducati thus giving a rake angle of 24.5 degrees. The forks and radial brakes were sourced from a Suzuki GSXR 1000. The Carrozzeria wheels are forged aluminum and they are a bit lighter than traditional magnesium racing wheels, and just as strong.

    Sticking to his true master craftsman style, Walt wanted to convey the look and feel of late 60s – early 70s race bikes. For paint, Walt chose to go  with original Maserati paints in French Blue and white. Classic colors of the Italian flag enhance Walt’s leather embossed logo on the custom tank. Attached to Walt’s custom headers is a pair of Burns glass-packed reverse cone mufflers. The hinged custom tank, was designed to house the battery and the coil underneath it and to provide easy access to the top of the engine. The front faring was sourced from GFTP, with a custom-made fairing stay bracket for increased rigidity. The fiberglass tail section was upholstered with a backdrop seat. The tail lamp is a CEV Italian original from the 70s and it is removable. The attention to details on this build are all Walt’s style: from the front fender, the foot controls, the removable racing plate over the headlamp, the bars, the dash to clutch cover. Check out the gallery for the rest of the pictures.

    List of Modifications:

    – 1998 Monster 900 engine
    – Big bore kit 944cc
    – WS chromoly frame
    – FCR 41 flat slide carbs
    – WS clutch cover
    – WS rear-sets
    – GFTP front fairing
    – Carrozzeria forged aluminum wheels
    – Suzuki GSXR 1000 forks
    – Suzuki GSXR 1000 radial brakes
    – WS down pipes
    – Burns mufflers
    – CEV tail lamp

    Via: Walt Siegl Source: Mondo Ducati
    Photos by Eric Ahlquist


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